VEST: Vestibular Certification

The Certified Vestibular Therapist (Cert. VT) is a certification earned by physical therapists and occupational therapist who demonstrate the highest level of evidence-informed vestibular rehabilitation. A clinician with the Cert. VT designation represents someone who is expertly trained in differential diagnosis of vestibular impairments, demonstrates mastery of canalith repositioning techniques, is proficient in concussion identification and management, and demonstrate expertise in vestibular rehabilitation therapy. This therapist combines advanced differential diagnosis, expert examination techniques, concussion evidence based theories and vestibular hypofunction therapy to effectively treat patients with vestibular disorders. Clinicians who wish to earn the Vestibular Therapist Certification (Cert. VT) must successfully complete all courses listed below, as well as a comprehensive written and practical exam: VR | CM | VCC

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VR: Vestibular Rehabilitation

According to the Vestibular Disorders Association, as many as 35% of adults aged 40 years or older in the US have experienced vestibular dysfunction. This amounts to approximately 69...

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CM: Concussion Management

This two-day introductory course in Concussion Management will cover the lifespan of a concussion from the acute injury to post-concussive management. The participants will obtain general neuro-anatomy and physiology of...

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VCC – Vestibular Certification Course

This certification course is a comprehensive 3-day program for clinicians from various disciplines to obtain competency in differential diagnosis of the vestibular system, vestibular treatment and concussion management. This is...

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