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The Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments was established to advance the individual skills of Physical Therapists and to promote the profession as an acknowledged primary care provider that can deliver significant cost savings to the US health care system.

To achieve this IAMT recognises the need for individual clinical and professional expertise to a standard that physical therapy services can be delivered directly to the public without the requirement for physician referral.

To this end, the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments has developed a suite of evolving educational programs to maximize the individual skill of physical therapists, the quality of their practices and the profession.

Building on existing internal education programs and the experience of senior therapists, IAMT offers hands-on programs for post-graduate therapists that provide a unique and highly effective skill-set and credentials therapists, in an outpatient setting, to evaluate, differentially diagnose and plan and facilitate a treatment program which can reduce over prescription of pain medication for musculoskeletal injuries.

In this way, IAMT courses will allow Physical Therapists to maintain and keep active their license by meeting continuing education mandates and in the process also aim to facilitate an elevation of the profession to replace a costly and inefficient pattern of treatment in the US healthcare system for patients in musculoskeletal pain.

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