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» COMT: Manual Therapy Certification Courses

» ACOMT: Advanced Manual Therapy Curriculum

» DN: Dry Needling

» PH: Pelvic Health Certification

» OPC: Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification

» Webinars

» Specialty Courses

» FP: Functional Progressions

» Treating the Runner

» PH Ortho: Pelvic Health for the Orthopaedic Therapist

» TM1: Thrust Manipulation 1 – Lower Extremity & Basic/Intermediate Spine

» TM2: Thrust Manipulation 2 – Upper Extremity & Advanced Spine

» VR: Vestibular Rehabilitation

» CM: Concussion Management

» ICBS: Identifying Clinical Blind Spots

» MPS: Modern Pain Science On-Line Course With Live Lab

» NDET: Neurodynamics Examination and Treatment

» CMD1: Evaluation and Treatment for Craniomandibular Disorders

» CMD2: Advancing Concepts in Craniomandibular Management

» PH – UGT: Pelvic Health Urogenital Triangle

» PH – ART: Pelvic Health Anorectal Triangle

» PH - ADV: Pelvic Health Advanced

» WCR: The Wrist Complex: Evidence-Based Concepts in Wrist Rehabilitation

» TOA: Treating the Overhead Athlete: Regional Interdependence and Beyond

» MTX: Skilled Integration of Manual Therapy and Exercise

» MTXOT: Skilled Integration of Manual Therapy and Exercise for the Upper Extremity: OTs ONLY

» EMRA: Emergency Medical Response for Acute Athletic Injury and Illness

» UQS: Upper Quarter Sports: Prevention to Performance

» LQS: Lower Quarter Sports: Prevention to Performance

» PAR: Post-Arthroplasty Rehab of the Knee and Shoulder

» RCS: Rotator Cuff Syndrome: Evidence based Applications for Primary and Secondary Impingement

» FRK: Functional Rehab of the Knee: Concepts of Evidence Based Treatment

» MRA: Management of the Running Athlete

» ITO: Introduction to Orthoses

» HBC: Hand Therapy Boot Camp: An Intro to Hand Therapy

» MTT: Manual Therapy Toolkit

» EAI: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

» BFL: Business Foundations and Leadership

» VEST: Vestibular Certification

COMT: Manual Therapy Certification Courses

IAMT has developed a unique curriculum of manual therapy courses specifically designed to provide clinicians with a solid foundation in both examination and treatment. Our curriculum is centered around clinical reasoning skills and is strongly evidence-based.

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ACOMT: Advanced Manual Therapy Curriculum

This exam is designed for those wishing to complete the Advanced Manual Therapist (ACOMT) Certification.

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DN: Dry Needling

IAMT's Dry Needling curriculum focuses delivering a well-rounded clinical reasoning approach to help enhance your patient outcomes.

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PH: Pelvic Health Certification

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OPC: Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification

The Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification (OPC) is a certification earned by clinicians who demonstrate the highest level of evidence-informed orthopaedic rehabilitation skills. This certification is open to all clinicians, but specifically designed for PTAs and ATs. Clinicians...

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Specialty Courses

IAMT is proud to provide advanced specialty courses that encompass a variety of manual therapy and sports medicine topics including: pain science, sports specific rehabilitation, craniomandibular principles, pelvic health, vestibular, and many others.

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VEST: Vestibular Certification

The Certified Vestibular Therapist (Cert. VT) is a certification earned by physical therapists and occupational therapist who demonstrate the highest level of evidence-informed vestibular rehabilitation.

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We offer a range of live webinars that provide education on exciting topics in the rehabilitation world, with the convenience of remote delivery.

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