CMD2: Advancing Concepts in Craniomandibular Management

The focus of this course is on craniovertebral relationships, the interplay between the cervical spine and the TMJ, with an emphasis on the normal centric relation of these regions. Pathologies related to disturbances of the craniovertebral relationship, such as facial asymmetry and TMJ disc displacement, will be discussed and the process in which to treat this area with a three-dimensional approach will be emphasized. The lab sessions will focus on treatment of the craniovertebral junction. Furthermore, participants will have a chance to practice the rollback technique for stabilization of the intra-articular disc related to TMD.

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Advancing Concepts in Craniomandibular Management (Hummelstown, PA)

Oct. 7, 2023 -Oct. 8, 2023
Hummelstown, PA


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