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This course is an introductory, hybrid course, designed for clinicians seeking to integrate (BFR) therapy into their clinical practice with an emphasis on safety, clinical reasoning, and practical application. Participants will explore the foundational principles of BFR while including principles of the patient response model, which guides therapists in tailoring interventions based on individual patient reactions and feedback. The course offers a review into the relevant anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology that is essential for understanding and safely applying BFR therapy. Through a combination of online modules and hands-on practical sessions, participants will gain the knowledge needed to effectively use BFR as a tool for enhancing patient outcomes. We will use Smart Cuffs through out the live portion of this course and will focus on practical and efficient BFR application. This course is ideal for therapists eager to expand their therapeutic toolbox with an evidence supported treatment approach that can enhance rehabilitation and recovery. Upon completion, participants will be able to apply BFR therapy as an adjunct treatment option utilizing informed clinical decisions in order to deliver personalized, effective patient care.

Course Level: Introductory

Prerequisites: N/A


Contact Hrs: 3.5 hrs Online/8.5 hrs Live