DN: Dry Needling

IAMT's Dry Needling curriculum focuses on delivering a well-rounded clinical reasoning approach to help enhance your patient outcomes. We provide a 3 level course curriculum to train PTs in a variety of dry needling techniques to be utilized with a wide range of patients. Therapists that successfully complete Dry Needling Level 1, Dry Needling Level 2, and Advanced Dry Needling Level 3 will receive their Certification in Dry Needling (CDNT). Therapists that complete Level 1 and Level 2 will receive a “Certificate of Completion” after each course.

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DN1: Dry Needling - Level 1

This course is designed to teach physical therapists introductory level techniques for dry needling throughout the entire body. The course also presents the clinical reasoning, theory, and scientific rationale behind...

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DN2: Dry Needling - Level 2

This course, designed for physical therapists, is a continuation of the Dry Needling Level 1 course with the addition of more challenging techniques. The course covers techniques surrounding the thoracic...

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DN3: Dry Needling – Level 3

This course utilizes a case study approach to enhance clinical reasoning skills for the physical therapists and to formulate an integrative plan of care utilizing dry needling, manual therapy techniques...

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DNUE: Dry Needling - Upper Extremity Therapist

The main objective of this course is to provide instruction to Occupational Therapists/ Upper Extremity Physical Therapists in the application of Dry Needling. This will consist of a variety of...

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DNRefresh: Dry Needling - Refresher / Competency Review

This course will allow you to sharpen your needling skills, confirm competency and gain clinical decision making skills. This 8 hour course is designed for anyone who has successfully completed...

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