DN2: Dry Needling - Level 2

This course, designed for physical therapists, is a continuation of the Dry Needling Level 1 course with the addition of more challenging techniques. The course covers techniques surrounding the thoracic region, face, head and neck as well as the deep muscles in the lower extremities. The course consists of a vast number of needling techniques in conjunction with soft tissue mobilization and functional case based treatments. An examination is performed at the end of this course to offer the certificate of completion. An 80% or higher is required to pass the exam. It is your responsibility to know your state's scope of practice regarding Dry Needling. *The content and materials in this course are designed specifically for Physical Therapists* A link to the required prereading documents will be sent via email with your registration confirmation. Please bring a pair of athletic shorts and a sport top to this course.

Available Courses

Dry Needling - Level 2 (Lone Tree, CO)

Jun. 24, 2022 -Jun. 26, 2022
Lone Tree, CO

More Info

Dry Needling - Level 2 (Franklin, TN)

Jul. 9, 2022 -Jul. 10, 2022
Franklin, TN


Dry Needling - Level 2 (Raleigh, NC)

Aug. 6, 2022 -Aug. 7, 2022
Raleigh, NC


Dry Needling - Level 2 (Kansas City, MO)

Aug. 19, 2022 -Aug. 21, 2022
Kansas City, MO


Dry Needling - Level 2 (Clearwater, FL)

Sep. 16, 2022 -Sep. 18, 2022
Clearwater, FL


Dry Needling - Level 2 (Atlanta, GA)

Nov. 4, 2022 -Nov. 6, 2022
Smyrna, GA


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