Treating the Runner

Using emerging evidence, advances in technology, and years of experience, clinicians will be trained in advanced techniques to asses, diagnose, and treat the most common ailments of a running athlete. Using 2-D models, technological advances in pressure mapping, and real-time data on running athletes, clinicians will be immersed in the complex nature of running mechanics, gait analysis, gait cheats, and shoe assessment. Hands on manual skills and evidence-based information will allow clinicians to unlock the secrets of treating running athletes while integrating the regional interdependence model to improve biomechanics, function, and outcomes.

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Treating the Runner (Hummelstown, PA)

Mar. 18, 2023 -Mar. 19, 2023
Hummelstown, PA

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Treating the Runner (Charleston, SC)

Apr. 29, 2023 -Apr. 30, 2023
North Charleston, SC


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