Safe Exercise for Pregnancy and Postpartum

This 1 hour webinar aims to address evidence based guidelines for activities and exercise for patients who are pregnant and/or postpartum. Precautions and contraindications will be reviewed, and evidence regarding activity modifications necessary will be presented. Additionally, appropriate goal setting will be discussed as well as progression to exercise independent of the rehabilitation setting. Exercise interventions specific to patients with diastasis recti abdominis will be presented to empower clinicians to prescribe robust, evidence based exercise interventions to this patient population.

By the end of this module, the participant will be able to:

  1.   Demonstrate awareness of the most updated guidelines regarding activity modifications
  2. Establish patient-centered exercise goals for each trimester (including 4th trimester)
  3.   Educate patients on appropriate rehabilitation interventions and independent exercise constraints for the pre and postnatal individual
  4. Demonstrate awareness regarding diastasis recti diagnosis, management, and symptoms.

1:00-1:05 – Intro, housekeeping, objectives

1:05-1:20 – Guidelines for activity modification, red flags

1:20-1:35 – Patient centered exercise goals, patient education

1:35-1:50 – DRA management

1:50-1:55 – Summary of evaluation/treatment

1:55-2:00 – 1:55-2:00 – Q&A, wrap up

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