Rehab Considerations for the Athletic Post-Operative Hip

This 1 hour presentation will focus on rehabilitation of the athlete following hip surgery, specifically emphasizing labral repairs, hamstring repairs, and total hip arthroplasties.

After attending this call, the participant will:

  • Identify most common hip injuries in athletes
  • Identify benefits of surgical management of common athletic hip injuries
  • Identify best practice rehabilitation protocols to allow athletes with hip surgeries to return to their prior sport in a safe and timely manor
  • Recognize what sports are safe for patients who have undergone a total hip arthroplasty to participate in
  1. Prevalence of athletic hip injuries
    1. Sport specific
  2. Prevalence of athletic hip surgeries
    1. Most common performed
  3. Surgical vs Conservative Care
    1. Labral tear
    2. Hamstring Tear
    3. Hip OA
  4. Interventions
    1. Current post-op protocols
    2. Current evidence based research

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