PH2: Pelvic Health 2

In this course, clinicians will be introduced to internal pelvic floor muscle (PFM) examination and treatment of the anorectal triangle. Participants will be instructed in, and have dedicated lab time to practice internal PFM assessment and soft tissue treatment. Clinicians will be encouraged to incorporate their manual orthopedic skills and knowledge into understanding the role of the PFM. More advanced skills for the physical therapy management of persons with overactive / non-relaxing PFM associated with pelvic pain and constipation will also be presented. Biofeedback with surface EMG and with real-time ultrasound imaging will be available for participants to help ensure that they are able to perform a PFM contraction and relaxation in order to better educate our patients. The role of a dietician and food-sensitivities affecting digestion and bowel function will be included. Pain neuroscience will be introduced as will techniques for examination and treatment of patients with coccydynia. Contemporary evidence to support physical therapy interventions will be presented. Participants should all bring a patient case that was / is a challenge in that the skills and knowledge gained from Level I did not adequately address patient’s impairments and goals. *This course introduces internal assessment skills for pelvic floor musculature. *PH1 is a pre-requisite for this course. *This course is a part of the IAMT Pelvic Health Certification series. *Male participants are welcome. Please bring a female lab partner, or inquire about how to hire a medical model.

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Pelvic Health Level 2 (Franklin, TN)

Nov. 12, 2022 -Nov. 13, 2022
Franklin, TN


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