PH1: Pelvic Health 1

This course will review gender-inclusive pelvic floor anatomy related to pelvic floor dysfunctions. The participants will gain an understanding of internal urogenital triangle assessment and treatment of lumbopelvic/hip musculature. We will practice assessment and interventions encompassing internal and external approaches for treatment. Participants will cover a variety of diagnoses related to primary bladder conditions, overactive/non-relaxing PFM associated with pelvic pain, vaginismus, pudendal neuralgia, and dyspareunia. More advanced interventions for the physical therapy management of persons with dysfunctional, overactive PFM, will be incorporated through case examples and lab practice. This course will serve as an introductory course, building upon the foundational orthopedic concepts of rehab professionals. There will be focus on instruction to accurately identify pelvic floor dysfunction in all genders in order to develop intervention strategies to address low to moderate complexity pelvic conditions. Evidence-based practice, informed by current Clinical Practice Guidelines, will be emphasized in this course. *This course introduces internal assessment skills for pelvic floor musculature. *This course is required as a pre-requisite for the more advanced IAMT Pelvic Health courses an must be taken prior to participation in PH2 and PH3. *This course is a part of the IAMT Pelvic Health Certification series. *Male participants are welcome. Please bring a female lab partner, or inquire about how to hire a medical model.

Available Courses

Pelvic Health Level 1 (Barberton, OH)

Apr. 30, 2022 -May. 1, 2022
Barberton, OH

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Pelvic Health Level 1 (Franklin, TN)

Jun. 4, 2022 -Jun. 5, 2022
Franklin, TN


Pelvic Health Level 1 (Holly Springs, NC)

Jul. 30, 2022 -Jul. 31, 2022
Holly Springs, NC


Pelvic Health Level 1 (Atlanta, GA)

Sep. 24, 2022 -Sep. 25, 2022
Smyrna, GA


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