PH - ADV: Pelvic Health Advanced

This course is an advance pelvic health course designed for PTs/PTAs/OTs/OTAs. The biopsychosocial model of understanding pain will be explored more in-depth. Diagnoses discussed in this course include: endometriosis, vulvodynia / vestibulitis, lichens sclerosis, pudendal nerve entrapment, hard flaccid, erectile dysfunction, and non-bacterial prostatitis. Medical diagnostic testing for these conditions will be reviewed, as well as the interprofessional team approach for successful pain management. Additionally, comprehensive management of individuals undergoing gender-affirming medical and surgical procedures will be discussed. A review of the intravaginal and intrarectal examinations will be included in lab. All Participants will have the opportunity to complete skills checkoff for intravaginal and intrarectal assessment and treatment techniques. This skills check will satisfy a component of CPHC examination for those clinicians that qualify and wish to complete the CPHC Certification. Specialty topics including pediatric, post-menopausal, neobladder, and colon resection will be addressed. *This course includes internal assessment skills for pelvic floor musculature. *This course is a part of IAMT Pelvic Health CPHC certification series. *Participants of all genders are welcome. *Pre-requisites: IAMT’s PH: Ortho, PH: UGT and PH: ART are pre-requisites for this course.

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PH – Adv: Advanced Pelvic Health (Franklin, TN)

Dec. 2, 2023 -Dec. 3, 2023
Franklin, TN


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