OPC: Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification

The Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification (OPC) is a certification earned by clinicians who demonstrate the highest level of evidence-informed orthopaedic rehabilitation skills. This certification is open to all clinicians, but specifically designed for PTAs and ATs. Clinicians who wish to earn the Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification must successfully complete all courses listed below, as well as a comprehensive written and live practical examination. A clinician with the OPC designation represents someone who is a movement expert, integrating advanced technical skills and pain neuroscience with comprehensive exercise prescription to skillfully manage patients along with the entire healthcare team. All required coursework for the Orthopaedic Proficiency Certification has been pre-approved and is considered recommended by the APTA to complete the content-specific requirements for the PTA Advanced Proficiency Pathways program in the area of orthopaedics.

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MPS: Modern Pain Science On-Line Course With Live Lab

This course focuses on enhancing the participant’s knowledge and understanding of how pain works and how it can impact those affected by it. In addition, an emphasis is placed on...

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MTX: Skilled Integration of Manual Therapy and Exercise

This course will teach you to improve exercise prescription along the continuum of the rehab process. Principles of exercise are reviewed and analyzed regarding implementation, namely through “phase progression.” The...

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PAR: Post-Arthroplasty Rehab of the Knee and Shoulder

Focuses on current evidence based interventions for promoting high level functional return to a patient’s requested level of daily activities. This presentation will be based on the speaker’s 45 years...

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FRK: Functional Rehab of the Knee: Concepts of Evidence Based Treatment

Focuses on evidence -based therapeutic value-designed exercise applications that promote tri-plane stabilization of the lower extremity. Attendees will explore the most up to date treatment plans for selected knee pathology....

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RCS: Rotator Cuff Syndrome: Evidence based Applications for Primary and Secondary Impingement

Designed to demonstrate innovative treatment planning in functional rehabilitation of the upper kinetic chain with evidence based interventions. Learn to assess and treat rotator cuff injuries with treatment strategies based...

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