HBC: Hand Therapy Boot Camp: An Intro to Hand Therapy

This two-day course is designed to provide the non-specialist, as well as those new to the hand therapy specialty, with information necessary to evaluate and treat common hand conditions. Beginning with an anatomy and systems review of the hand, wrist and elbow, emphasis will then be placed on fundamental evaluation skills and treatment tools. Practical application of evidence-based modalities, orthoses, exercises and functional activities will be discussed. Learning will be enhanced with the opportunity to practice techniques in the lab portion of the course. Additionally, documentation and billing considerations will be addressed.

At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Effectively perform and document evaluative measurements to include ROM, strength, edema, sensibility, and pain.
  2. Demonstrate ability to perform basic provocative tests in the evaluation of common UE disorders.
  3. Demonstrate ability to perform distal UE soft tissue mobilization and PROM to various UE joints
  4. Select and develop appropriate, prioritized treatment plans and home programs for effective utilization of therapy services in the reviewed UE conditions
  5. Identify appropriate orthoses for each condition reviewed, including indications/ contraindications and wear schedule
  6. Utilize techniques, pearls and tips to address the noncompliant patient
  7. Identify warning signs of CRPS so that early interventions may prevent further symptom development
  8. Identify when case complexities require further attention by/referral to a CHT or hand surgeon
  9. Utilize appropriate documentation and billing considerations

Day 1:

  • 8:00     Introductions and Course Overview
  • 8:15     The UE Evaluation: Assessment Skills and Lab
  • 10:15   Break
  • 10:30   Intervention Components and Exercise Principles
  • 12:30   LUNCH
  • 1:00     Arthritic Conditions: rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, thumb CMC. (Orthosis demo/lab – short thumb spica)
  • 2:45     Break
  • 3:00     Fractures: Distal Radius, Metacarpal/Boxer’s, Phalangeal, Radial Head/Elbow. (Orthosis demo/lab – wrist cock up)
  • 4:30     Questions
  • 5:00     Adjourn


Day 2:    

  • 8:00     Questions/review from previous day
  • 8:30     Ligament Injuries/instability: TFCC/ulnar sided wrist pain, Gamekeeper’s/Skiier’s thumb, PIP/volar plate. (Orthosis demo/lab – longer wrist control)
  • 10:00   Break
  • 10:15   Nerve Compressions: CTS, AIN, pronator syndrome, cubital tunnel/Guyon canal, radial tunnel and nerve palsy, DRSN, PIN (wrist control)
  • 12:00   Lunch
  • 12:30   Tendinopathies: DeQuervains, wrist flex/ext tendinitis, intersection synd, lat/med epi, trigger finger. (Orthosis demo/lab – forearm-based thumb spica)
  • 2:00     Tendon Imbalances: Boutonniere, Mallet, Swan Neck, Sagittal Band Rupture (Orthosis demo – finger gutter/figure of eight)
  • 3:45     Break
  • 4:00     Flexor and extensor tendon repairs – brief
  • 4:15     CASE STUDY discussion
  • 5:00     Questions
  • 5:30     Adjourn

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